astrology article

I think horary astrology is by far the most fascinating branch of astrology. It is called horary because itís based on the exact time a question is asked. Letís see how it really works. Letís suppose that a certain person feels very worried for health problems at a particular time of the day. We then cast a chart for that particular moment and place to give an answer with the horary technique.
In conclusion, a question is considered in the same way as the birth of a person. The only remarkable difference is that planets are considered in their future movements in horary astrology, while they are fixed in natal astrology.
Letís take two examples to see how horary technique works.
The first example regards a work problem . Chart n.1 was cast to give enlightenment about a choice to make in work. The guy was considering the idea to run his own business, but was very worried because of money investments this choice required. I immediately noticed that the sixth house of the horary was very active: four planets and the moon where there,showing that his attention was focused in the work area.
The sixth house in astrology is the house of work an health. In the chart the sun is on 29į sagittarius and was leaving the sign to enter capricorn.
29 is a critical degree,it means that a particular phase is over and new changes are coming. Besides that, the sun rules the guy himself in the horary. Letís see what was going to happen once the sun had left sagittarius. The first aspect of the sun in capricorn was a conjunction with neptune,in the sixth house of the work. Neptune is the planet of illusion and deception. Considering the whole picture, I adviced him not to make risky investments in the work area.
In the horary chart, the sun is 8 degrees from neptune; if we apply the major progressions, the sun moves at a rate of about 1 degree per year,so it takes 8 years to join neptune. Thatís what happened: 8 years later the guy got sick and passed away . No wonder for this outcome.

In fact the sixth house is also linked to health matters, health and work were both hindered in the horary.
Chart n.3 was cast to give an answer to a question asked by a young girl. She was planning to run away from home and marry her boyfriend in Switzerland. ďWill I accomplish my plan?Ē asked me the girl.
I had no doubt giving a negative answer: no,she was going nowhere. The girl replyed she was leaving very soon.
A few months later I saw her again,she had not gone to Switzerland any more because her boyfrined had changed his mind about marrying her . Now she had a new boyfriend.
The horary in this case is very clear giving a no answer.
First of all we find void of course both the moon and venus,and venus is also her ruler. Besides, mars is oppsing uranus, planet of separation ,and mars is her boyfriend in the horary.