Horary astrology is the most fascinating branch of astrology.
It comes from a far away past.
Ancient kings used horary astrology to foresee the outcome of a war or the abundance of the harvest.
Today this ancient art-science is almost disused,which is really bad, since horary astrology lets you touch with your hands the close relationship between planets and events.
It’s very practical too and can enlighten a huge variety of situations.
Many questions can be answered by horary astrology such as: “Will I find a new job next?” or “Will I marry my girlfriend?”
To give an answer to questions like these, all you have to do is to study the planets in their future aspects.
If the aspects are favourable the outcome of the matters is positive,on the contrary it’s negative if the aspects are bad.
Obviously a certain amount of experience is required to be successful in this art, no one can be a horary astrologer in just one day.