Domenico Venditti was born under the sign of aquarius ,with aquarius as rising sign . Aquarius is the sign most of all linked to Astrology, since Uranus is the planet that rules aquarius and is also recognized as the planet symbol of Astrology.
He discovered Astrology in 1985,during a long stay in the United States.
One day, looking for a book in a public library, he casually found an astrology book that captured his attention “A time for Astrology” by Jess Stearn. Really amazed by the contents of the book ,he started to read a great amount of astrology books, eager to know more and more on the subject.
Pretty soon he became a member of AFA (American Federation of Astrologers).
Back to Italy he has given lectures an has written articles on the most fascinating branch of Astrology: Horary Astrology
Almost unknown or abandoned by today astrologers, Horary technique comes from a remote past. Besides that it is very useful in every day life.
It can give answers to to many kinds of questions such as: ”Will I find a new job next?”