Militant, headstrong and ambitious ,you are dynamic and enthusiastic. You are a leader, not a follower, and you do well in positions of authority and management. You like to do your own thing in your own good time, and you have strong opinions and at times you behave in arrogant way.
You can be insensitive to the needs of others ,yet you rarely hold a grudge. Your overt self-confidence can hide a deep sense of inadeguacy. Your aim is to become a leader.


Persistent, determined and cautious, you need time to adjust to new ideas. Since you are fond of art and music, you can excel in these fields. Retentive and stead-fast ,you rarely scatter your forces. You like to assume responsabilities seriously and practically. You love gracious living and have in inner drive to build a strong foundation, often based on financial security. Headstrong, you are slow to anger, but when you do get angry you get furious . Sympathetic and understanding, you are a faithful friend but an implacable enemy.


Sensitive, talkative, vacillating and sympathetic ,you must cultivate perseverance ,or your restlessness will inhibit true accomplishment. Variety is the spice of your life. You love to socialize, and you try to avoid deep emotionalism. You are eloquent, love to read and have many hobbies. You can be vague and irresponsible and need a constant change of scene. You should improve your ability to communicate, in order to reach your goals.
You are a great communicator.


You are attached to your family and your home and are full of imagination and creativity. Conscientious and receptive, you are concerned for what others can think of you. You need to be needed. You like to cook and entertain ,and are an avid collector. Your firs aim is emotional security and you are willing to strive hard for it. You need to retreat in a quiet place, sometimes, since you respond too strongly to influences in your environment.


You are a leader with many friends. Your fiery nature makes you optimistic generous and active. You are fond of children, even if you donít have kids of you own. Patience is not your strong suit, and You must learn to control your fiery enthusiasm and dramatic approach with things. Creative and exuberant ,you like to show your feelings and enjoy to have fun. You have a strong will and love to have many admirers and dates. You always look for luxurious things


Modest and discriminating, everything you do you do well. You give much attention to details, carrying this to the extremes and becoming fussy, overly critical and even interfering. Not easily discouraged, you have many worries. You enjoy your routine and are very responsible . You love to study but you should look at life from a different point of view. In fact you are often too materialistic in your interests.


You are a good diplomat, since you believe in compromise. Charming and companionable you give your best in partnership. You are social, gracious and love to entertain and have a good time. Your first aim is to achieve harmony and beauty. Sometimes is difficult for you to make a choice, since you see all the aspects of a situation.


Determined ,aggressive and shrewd, you are rarely passive about anything .Deep, often reserved and secretive, you are sometimes jealous and revengeful. You are a truthseeker and have a penetrating judgement. Science, medicine and any field that requires ability of research is for you. Willpower and persistence are your strong points and you may be outspoken when proded. Your recuperative powers are remarkable.


You are enthusiastic and believe in ideals such as universal love and peace. Honest, cheerful and optimistic, at times you are restless, careless and extravagant . Since you are very tolerant, you work well with other people and accept them for what they are. You are extroverted, often blunt and impatient and this can hurt others who are very sensitive. You love sports and long distance travels.


Ambitiuos, serious and dedicated to duty, your life may seem to difficult for you, but you Reach your goals at last. Even if you are self-disciplined, responsible and practical, at times you may fall in self-pity. You have a strong sense of direction and your mind works very well. You may appear sombre and reserved in dealing with others, you are a loyal friend when you give your trust. You are willing to work hard for anything you want.


Original, indipendent, individualistic and freedom-loving, you can be a rebel if you do not handle these qualities well. You have strong likes and dislikes so you donít accept compromises easily. Anything different has great appeal to you, and you are often attracted to the occult , astrology or other particular fields. Unpredictable ,curious and intellectual, your aim is to put your knowledge at service of other people.


The dreamer of the zodiac, you are compassionate, tolerant, kind and loving. You are very influenced by others, because you donít want to hurt anyone. It is hard for you to make decisions and often you have a strong desire to escape from anything that is too difficult. Creative and spiritual, sometimes you can be indolent and impractical. You may seem to lack selfconfidence, but in your own way you accomplish a great deal. Charming, you are good to those in distress and are fond of animals. You need to have a strong ideal in order to express your>